IoT Technology Consulting

We help make the most of IoT technology for your company's success by connecting all aspects together in a holistic approach.

Unlock the Value for the Internet of Thing's (IoT)

Build connected ecosystems, achieve better business efficiency and new revenue streams
Align Business with IoT Strategies

Capitalize on the Internet of Things to build holistic business strategies and leverage the benefits of the connected ecosystem.

Improve Business Productivity

Build a strategic approach to develop your custom IoT solution while reducing the IoT implementation cost.


Cater to the dynamic business needs by bridging the gap between business and technology to maximize productivity.

Our IoT Technology Consulting Services

Drive real business value by infusing technology and intelligence into your physical devices and solving complex business challenges

IoT Strategy

We help all types of companies, including startups and large enterprises. Whether you want a fully-scalable IoT solution or minor adjustments in your current IoT systems, we can help you leverage new business opportunities and execute your project.

Custom IoT Architecture

Build a strong IoT system architecture that considers your current infrastructure requirements and ecosystem. The architecture will connect seamlessly with hardware connections, applications, and advanced modules for accurate data analysis and insights.

Machine Learning

Integrate Machine Learning into your business ecosystem to ensure the optimum utilization of the data. We can help you build a smart ecosystem that connects seamlessly with predictive and prescriptive analysis of device behavior.

Edge Cloud Processing

Connect your IoT ecosystem to the cloud to always stay connected to network and use the cloud server processing power in your edge devices.

Elimination of Data Silos

Integrate data from multiple sources to ensure that there is no data stuck in the silos. We help you ingest, cleanse, transform, analyze, and visualize data to achieve actionable data insights within the business.

Continuous Deployment

Incorporate CI/CD practices and automated testing to accelerate the product release cycles. We ensure that your software is deployed without any bugs while enjoying a faster time to market.

IoT Solutions

Transform your business with next generation IoT solutions customized to your business needs
Connected Manufacturing
  • Monitoring of Machine utilization
  • Real-time control of inventory and locations
  • Monitoring of Production processes quality
Dynamic Supply Chain Management
  • Automatic alerts of low stock
  • Monitoring and real-time updates of inventory
  • Robotic fulfillment of orders
Customer Experience
  • Smart tracking of shelves
  • Automatic traffic control for in-store visits
  • Loyalty programs to provide customized in-store experience.
Connected Vehicles
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions for storage and transportation of goods
  • Real-time transportation route planning based on the current traffic situation
  • Adaptive cruise control
Health Care
  • Self-care of patients
  • Remote monitoring of patients
  • Real-time tracking of medical equipment and staff
  • Automatic climate control
Smart Cities and Utilities
  • Real-time monitoring of public parking and traffic
  • Automatic street lighting system for optimization of energy consumption
  • Real-time location tracking of public transportation

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